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NOEL S.A. handles entirely the process needed for the installation of Photovoltaic Stations, from the licensing stage to the grid connection and operation of the system.

More specific, for each project, a complete mapping of the area of investment is carried out, along with an accurate integration of the three-dimensional digital model of construction, for all the required shading and performance measurements. The works begin with the surveying of the area with the use of a GPS geodetic station, the landscaping of the site, its fencing and the opening of trenches for the placement of probes and cables.


Next, the company supplies and installs the appropriate equipment, which includes the PV modules, the inverters, the mounting system of the modules, the electrical panel, the switchgears, the AC & DC cablings, the lightning protection and the round earthing system. Moreover, our company guarantees the good execution, as well as the performance of the project, according to the specifications defined by the initial design.


Upon completion of construction, the owner is able to monitor the park by using modern electronic surveillance means, via his cell phone or via the internet, to get informed for its performance and, at the same time, to control any of its operations.


During the useful lifetime of the park, NOEL SA provides innovative O&M services. Apart from the continuous monitoring of the performance and the proper operation of the project, the company also offers maintenance and cleaning services, using specialized equipment of the latest technology (robotic systems). In that way, the maximization of the system’s performance, as well as the highest prolongation of its lifetime, is achieved.